söndag 1 maj 2022

Pelosi i Kyiv: "do not be bullied by bullies"

Skärmdump från The Guardian

Här vad The Guardian skriver idag:

Nancy Pelosi said that the US won’t be stopped helping Ukraina by fears of provoking Russia after she became the highest-ranking US politician to visit the country since Vladimir Putin’s forces invaded.

In a press conference in Poland after her visit, she was asked about whether the US was concerned by the risk of its support provoking a Russian reaction. The speaker of the house said the US would hold its resolve.

“Let me speak for myself, do not be bullied by bullies. If they are making threats, you cannot back down,” she said.

Adam Schiff, chair of the US house intelligence committee said: “This is first and foremost about Ukraine but it’s not only about Ukraine. This is about a dictator in the Kremlin making war like it is world war two all over again with a massive invasion of his neighbour and he must be stopped.

“We are prepared to give Ukraine all the support necessary to stop this.”

Congressman Jim McGovern, who chairs the house’s rules committee and is part of the delegation said: “The question is whether the world will hold him to account. He has crossed many lines, he has committed war crimes, he has targeted hospitals, he has engaged in mass killings which have been documented.

“The question that should also be asked is whether we will hold him to account for his war crimes. Because if we don’t, the likelihood of him or somebody else doing the same thing increases.”

During the visit Pelosi was presented with the order of Princess of Olga medal by Zelenskiy for her work to strengthen Ukrainian and US ties.

In the press conference she said Zelenskiy had shown courage, and praised him for a “masterclass of leadership”

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