torsdag 24 januari 2013

Roger Scruton om den brittiska situationen

Idag kommenterar filosofen och författaren Roger Scruton gårdagens tal av den brittiske premiärministern, rörande EU-medlemskapet:
"The greatest single problem that this country faces is not economic decline. It is over-population. Look at the real tensions in our society and you will find this always at their heart. Rising unemployment among the young, as jobs are seized by incoming workers from Eastern Europe. Escalating demands on our health and welfare system from people who have never paid a contribution to it. Ever more painful shortage of housing, and the impossibility of finding a house that a young family can afford. Threats to both town planning and the countryside from the pressure to build, and the rapid crumbling of our infrastructure, which was in recent memory the most effective in Europe. The collapse of education in our cities, as schools strive to accommodate classes in which hardly a child is a native speaker of the language."
Det är inte alls förvånande att Scruton framför allt inriktar sig på den kulturella och sociala förändringen/försämringen av levnadsvillkoren. Inte enbart de ekonomiska (även om allt hänger samman, förstås). Jag är i hög grad benägen att skriva under hans beskrivning av villkoren.