lördag 4 juni 2022

Ukraina i EU kommer att stärka Europas säkerhet, skriver Desk Russie

Foto: Astrid Nydahl

Françoise Thom skriver i Desk Russie:


We cite these examples because recent initiatives of President Macron appear to reveal the same blindness and for the same reasons. Russocentrism prevents him from seeing that Central and Eastern Europe are in the process of recomposing themselves and becoming a dynamic group that will count in the EU. Ukraine will have its place in it. 


Its admission to the EU will solve the problem of European security more surely than all the pacts in the world with Russia. Indeed, Ukraine will provide the European Union with an army capable of fighting and inspiring respect. If the European countries agree at the same time to a future effort of armament, the EU, supported by an Atlantic pillar (the United States and NATO), will finally become a great power and able to cope with dictators. 


The Russians have understood this: hence their veto of Ukraine’s integration into the EU. The center of gravity is shifting in Europe. An independent and strong Ukraine turned towards the West will strengthen Central and Eastern Europe and, who knows, will one day persuade the Russians that freedom for oneself is better than domination over others.

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