fredag 29 mars 2013

Jorge Luis Borges: Cristo en la Cruz

Christ on the cross; his feet touch the earth.
The three crosses are of the same height.
Christ is not in the middle. He is just the third.
The black beard grazes his chest.
His face is not the one seen in engravings.
It is severe,Jewish. I do not see it
And I will keep on searching for it
until my last step on earth.
The fractured man suffers and says nothing.
The crown of thorns tortures him.
He does not hear the jeers of the crowd
that has seen him in agony so many times,
his or another's, it makes no difference.
Christ is on the cross. Chaotically
he thinks about the kingdom that perhaps awaits him,
he thinks about the woman that was not his.
He is not able to perceive theology,
the indecipherable Trinity, the Gnostics,
the cathedrals, Occam's razor,
the purple, the miter, the liturgy,
Guthrum's conversion by the sword,
the Inquisition, the blood of the martyrs,
the savage Crusades, Joan of Arc,
the Vatican casting its blessing over armies.
He knows that he is not a God and that he is a man
who dies with the day. It makes no difference.
What he does feel is the hard iron of the nails.
He is not a Roman, not a Greek. He whimpers.
He has left us some splendid metaphors
and a doctrine of forgiveness that can
do away with the past. (That phrase was
written by an Irishman in prison.)
The soul searches for its end, hurriedly.
Night has fallen. He has died now.
A fly crawls over the still flesh.
Of what use is it to me that this man has suffered,
if I am suffering now?

Kyoto, 1984. From "Los Conjurados" Transl. Alexander Coleman