onsdag 12 december 2012

Ravi Shankar är död

Läser att Ravi Shankar har avlidit. Det är länge sedan hans elev George Harrison gick bort. Till minne av båda dessa musikaliska snillen visar jag idag en sång de gör tillsammans, Prabhujee:

Ur OBITUARY BY OLIVER CRASKE citerar jag detta stycke som berör både Shankar och Harrison:
"The connection with George Harrison from 1966 took him temporarily to a level of superstardom. Thereafter he spent increasing amounts of time in the West, but he never lost his roots, and was shocked by how superficially Indian culture was portrayed by some. Happily, after the hysteria died down he retained a long-term international following of serious enthusiasts, which continued to grow. Probably his most long-lasting achievement was to establish this new audience outside India for hundreds of other Indian musicians who followed in his footsteps. This assisted musicians from other countries too; Harrison later called Shankar ‘the Godfather of World Music’.He remained lifelong friends with Harrison. In the early 1970s they collaborated on two albums and toured the USA together. They also organised the Concert for Bangladesh in 1971, the forerunner of all charity concerts, which highlighted the plight of Shankar’s fellow Bengalis during the liberation war. Thereafter both were considered heroes by Bangladeshis. They worked together again on later projects, in particular the 1997 album Chants from India, and Harrison co-produced the excellent box set retrospective Ravi Shankar: In Celebration."
Oliver Craske is a writer and editor. He was an invaluable resource and provided additional narrative for Ravi Shankar’s autobiography, ‘Raga Mala.’

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