tisdag 6 augusti 2013

Daniel Ahaviel spelar i New York

"Here is Daniel Ahaviel, an Israeli Hasidic violinist playing at New York's Avery Fisher Hall".

Jag säger inget annat än att jag rekommenderar det här stycket livsbejakande musik. Så kan också en ortodoxi - chassidismen - uttryckas.

Daniel Ahaviel was born in London, UK in 1963. Already in his childhood he discovered a love for the  exciting sounds of the violin, and at 8 began to learn to play. Daniel learned over the years at the Youth Music Center and the Centre for Young Musicians, both in London, playing a selection of instruments, including: violin, piano and percussion. Then he went on to study for a BA (BA Hons) at the University of York in Northern England, where he continued to discover his specialised interest in Ethnic music, Electronic music and Improvisation.
In 1988, Daniel made “Aliyah” to Israel, and became famous as a unique Klezmer musician. The sounds Daniel produces are particularly exciting, piercing the human mind and soul.

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