fredag 22 april 2011

Långfredagens text.

En av författarna som ingår i Karsten Sand Iversens bok Skyggebiblioteket är rumänen Mihail Sebastian. Jag tar fram hans till engelska översatta Journal 1935-44 och läser:

"Another drunken night. But it´ll be the last in a series - otherwise there will be no end. It´s a promise."

"I have done nothing at all. No book, no love."

Den 24 september 1938 skriver han:

"Chamberlain has returned to London with Hitlerites´new demands. Will they be accepted? Will we have a 'German peace' that suppresses freedom in Europe - who knows for how long, perhaps for a whole historical epoch? Or will they not be accepted? If so, we will have war. It´s all a matter of days, maybe less, a matter of hours or minutes."

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