måndag 2 september 2013

Stephen Fry slår tillbaka mot islamisterna

Nej, homosexuella juden Stephen Fry finner sig inte i att kallas "islamofob":
"Stephen Fry has spoken of his frustration at being labelled an "Islamophobe" for criticising the violent acts committed by some Islamists. In a strongly worded blog post, the actor and comedian lamented that the "squeezed liberal finds himself in the position that he cannot criticise Islamofascism because it's somehow 'racist'".He continued: "It is a topsy-turvy smothering of debate and an Orwellian denial of free speech to declare that speaking out against violence will cause violence." Fry decided to write the piece after attracting criticism for giving his support for the prominent atheist and evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins, a noted critic of Islam."
Det är värdefullt att människor som är "kändisar" och som dessutom står för något viktigt säger ifrån. Fry är en sådan man. Jag beundrar honom inte bara för hans skådespelarkonst utan också för alla de fina dokumentärer han gjort för BBC, inte minst de som handlat om HIV och AIDS. Så vilka alternativ har vi? Att ge Fry stöd förstås:
"I am afraid of anyone who hates me and everything I stand for and wants me and the civilisation I grew up in destroyed."However, he added: "Do I believe that all Muslims want to see my civilisation destroyed? That they are all bombers in the making? Of course I don't." Fry also expressed his frustration at having to go through "this absurd liberal court of inquisition" of defending himself against the charge of Islamophobia, saying: "[It] really grinds my gears."