tisdag 5 december 2023

Helikoptrarna landade med gisslan...

Vinterns grepp om platsen vi tvingas bort ifrån. Foto: Astrid Nydahl

As the helicopters carrying the released hostages landed, traffic stopped. People got out of their cars and broke into song.

Jag läser Douglas Murray före kvällsmaten. Hans Wartime Dairy är gratis, det är bara att gå till den och läsa.

Jag fastnade:

I was at the children’s hospital in Tel Aviv when the first children and their parents were released. When the helicopters landed and the hostages got out, IDF soldiers blocked their faces with screens to protect them from the glare of the cameras. But I’d already been sent a single photo taken by the Arab press that showed some of the mothers with their children inside a bus when they were still in Gaza.

The terror on their faces. They looked as though they’d aged by decades.

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