tisdag 29 maj 2012

Cioran samlad.

På Gallimard har nu E.M. Ciorans Oeuvres utkommit. 1.685 sidor tjock är volymen. I nya numret av TLS recenseras hans verk av Mairéad Hanrahan under den fantastiska rubriken "To recover from being born". (I nätupplagan dock ändrad till "Emil Cioran’s heights of despair"). Låt mig bara citera avslutningen av recensionen:

"For Cioran, his post-war nihilism represented an advance on what preceded it. For others, the moral equivalence it led him to establish between all ideas, all beliefs, all opinions may not constitute so complete a rupture between his Romanian prehistory and his corpus of French work as he liked to believe. Whether or not makes him less of a French writer may be an unanswerable question. But he is certainly an interesting one. And as such it is good to see him among the stars."

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