tisdag 20 mars 2012

Bernard-Henri Lévy om antisemitismen.

Lästips: Bernard-Henri Lévys essä om det som hände igår. Textens rubrik är "After the carnage in Toulouse, France must stand together against anti-Semitism". Översatt till engelska för Haaretz.

"A word of advice to the pyromaniacs of the defense of "national identity," perceived as a closed entity, nervous and jittery, feeding on resentment and hatred: it is the social contract that is the victim of assassination in a bloodbath of this kind; it is the very foundation of our common existence that vacillates and gives way when such madness explodes. There can be no worse blow to French culture, to the soul of our country, its history and when all is said and done, to its grandeur than racism and, today, anti-Semitism."

Bilden från gårdagens manifestation i Paris.

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