söndag 19 augusti 2012

Nadira Naipaul om brittisk islamism

Nadira Naipaul tillsammans med maken.
Idag tar Nadira Naipaul till orda mot islamismen i Storbritannien. Det är befriande att läsa, eftersom hon själv kommit från muslimska Pakistan till London för att gifta sig med Nobelpristagaren V.S. Naipaul i en förvissning om att hon för alltid lämnat den kulturen och det förtrycket bakom sig. Hon vet, till skillnad från de flesta, vad hon talar om. Hela hennes artikel kan man läsa här. Nedan ett smakprov hämtat från slutet av hennes artikel:

So why, then, have successive Governments refused to acknowledge the incestuous cultures that have evolved in these ghettos? Why does no one challenge the existence of the so-called ‘Islamic Parliaments’, with their retrogressive laws, that exist in cities such as Bradford and Leicester?

In these cities, teams of vigilantes terrorise Pakistani communities. They turn up unannounced to homes, insisting that Ramadan is respected and checking that everyone has come to prayers. They force shops to close, they check that the community is fasting, that women wear the veil.

Let me be clear. No Muslim woman should be forced to wear a veil. No woman wore it in the era of the Prophet. These Muslims may see themselves as community champions, but they are fanatics who make life a misery for young people who want to integrate.

It is time for liberal Muslims to speak out. The defenders of our precious multiculturalism must get real. My message to those who promote these entrenched ghetto ideas is this: go home if you want to practise your form of Islam. There is no place for it here.

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