söndag 18 augusti 2013

Ny längre essä om islamistiskt judehat och de europeiska judarnas situation

Michel Gurfinkiel
For years, some Jewish leaders entertained delusory expectations concerning the rise of Islam in Europe. Some believed that a more religiously diverse Europe would conduce to an even more secure place for Judaism in the long term. Others thought that by joining the fight against such conventionally defined evils as “anti-immigration bigotry,” “anti-Arab racism,” and “anti-Islamic prejudice,” European Jews would earn the affection and gratitude of Islam at large and perhaps even contribute to peace between Israel and its neighbors. Still others were of the view that Muslims would gradually become integrated and assimilated into the European mainstream, just like Jews in the past.
Such hopes are long gone. The sad fact is that many European Muslims subscribe to the unreconstructed forms of anti-Semitism that are prevalent in the Muslim world at large, and are impervious to any kind of Holocaust-related education. In today’s Europe, hard-core anti-Jewish and anti-Israel activity, from harassment in the street or at school to arson and murder, is mostly the doing of Muslims.
I en mycket lång essä skriver Michel Gurfinkiel i ämnet. Han är fransk journalist och författare, hans essä publiceras i Mosaic Magazine. Det finns andra viktiga texter i ämnet som jag kommer att återvända till, bland annat en av Lawrence Auster om den traditionella judiska attityden till muslimsk invandring i Europa, och hur denna med nödvändighet måste förändras. Den artikeln fick jag för bara några dagar sedan. Gurfinkiel och Auster lägger tillsammans fram en bild som säger att Europas judar med all säkerhet kommer att förvandlas till en försvinnande minoritet, därför att det för dem kommer att bli outhärdligt att leva här. Med dessa mörka ord avslutar han sin essä:
"A mitigating view of today’s situation might have it that, at the very least, divine providence did beneficently afford to about two million European Jews a brief golden age, a true rebirth, which in turn brought fresh luster to European civilization as well as encouragement and inspiration to millions of their fellow Jews around the world, most especially in the Jewish state. True enough; but what is no less certain is that the end of European Jewry, a millennia-old civilization and a crowning achievement of the human spirit, will deliver a lasting blow to the collective psyche of the Jewish people. That it will also render a shattering judgment on the so-called European idea, exposed as a deadly travesty for anyone with eyes to see, is cold comfort indeed.
Börja med att läsa Gurfinkiel. Så här presenteras han i Mosaic Magazine:
Michel Gurfinkiel, a French journalist and writer, is the author of eight books and a regular contributor to publications in Europe and the United States. The former editor of Valeurs Actuelles, France’s leading conservative magazine, he is the founder and president of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute, a political think-tank in Paris, and a Shillman/Ginsburg fellow at the Middle East Forum. He also serves on the board of governors of the Consistoire, the union of French synagogues.