lördag 20 september 2014

Till frågan om den litterära offentligheten

Den 22 mars 1988 skriver Edward Abbey:

“To Denver next week for a public reading, talk show, interviews, and receptions etc. - all the horrible tedious farce of the Publick Author. Why do I do this nonsens? Vanity. Money. But is it worth it? No. I swear, this is my last time. Weariness. Fatigue. I´m heartily sick of writing, typing, editing, reviewing - the hole corrupt and rotten literary world.”

Till sina amerikanska kollegor säger han några veckor senare:

“What a gutless pack of invertebrates you mostly are (…) Banana slugs of literature!”

När det gäller hans egen plats i den litterära offentligheten svävar han inte på målet:

“It´s better to write the truth for a small audience than tell lies for a big one.”

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